MIS reporting designing

  • Assessing the business
  • Analyzing existing reports
  • Current method of report extraction
  • Discussing with the team and management for want of more useful reports and amendments in the existing reports if any
  • Understanding the reporting needs based on above
  • Designing the reports

Implementation of MIS reporting system

  • Sitting with the existing accounting software or ERP team with above reports
  • Planning to bring the above reports into the system
  • Customization plan or execution by coordinating with the software or ERP team with clear timelines
  • Bringing the designed reports from the accounting system used by the entity

Extraction and delivery of reports on time

  • Ensuring that the reports are extracted and made available for management at agreed timelines
  • Planning for dashboards for management

Various types of reports

  • Monthly closure of accounts with P&L and cash flow
  • Revenue, COGS, Direct and Indirect expenses reporting - Budget Vs Actual and periodic comparison
  • Costing and project-wise margin reports
  • Liabilities and payable reporting
  • Assets and receivables reporting