Our model

  • Working with the company for six to twelve months closely
  • Taking over the entire accounting and finance under our control - Receivables, Payables, Expenses, Inventory, Bank accounts and Compliance
  • Existing accounts team to report to us and we report to the management in turn
  • Analyzing the depth of liabilities, collection possibilities, revenue opportunities and legal threats on a practical mode
  • Complete freedom to act and take decisions, obviously with an intimation and consultation with the management
  • Settlement plans for loss making units
  • Rehabilitation of loss units

Survival and managing the operations for 6-12 months

  • Cash receipts plans - Receivables, Sale of assets, investments and loans
  • Cash payments - Statutory dues, employees dues, high-interest loans and other payments on priority
  • Reduction of manpower to the minimum required
  • Settlement talks with payable vendors and other liabilities

Plans to turn around the entity and revival strategy, if possible

  • Discussion with management and devising revival plans
  • Implementing the revival plans
  • Taking ownership on doing the same

Winding-up in case there is no possibility of revival

  • Various ways of winding up the entity
  • Vendor dues, statutory dues and other critical loans or liabilities closure amicably and officially
  • Managing the entire closure process based on the available funds till it is wound up completely
  • Ensuring all all compliance related matters are filed perfectly with respect to winding up including Insolvency Proceedings (accounting side only)
  • Documentation of all above clearly so that there is no issue for the directors in future